Dar Si Said Museum in Morocco

the Dar Si Said Museum in Morocco

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The Dar Si Said Museum in Morocco is housed in an opulent palace that is a delight to explore. The ground floor provides the perfect starting place and it is here that visitors can get better acquainted with splendid items from the past that are still very much in use today. Beautifully decorated weapons are presented side by side with splendidly decorative clothing and beaten copper articles while traditional Berber jewelry captivates and enchants. After examining this delightful collection you can make your way up to the first floor where you are greeted by strong Hispano-Moorish decorations and stunning cedar wood complete with intricate carvings. This reproduction of a salon is incredibly accurate and so you can easily picture a blushing bride, complete in ceremonial dress, making her way to the armchair as she prepares for her big day. Other rooms on this floor are filled with an amazing variety of carpets that originate from every corner of the globe. Some have made use of leather while others make use of textiles to create items that accurately reflect the regions that they come from.