The Tiskiwin Museum

The Tiskiwin Museum

The Tiskiwin Museum is a truly a hidden gem.

Tiskiwin was founded by  Bert Flint (a Dutch anthropologist who has been resident in Marrakech since 1957) to display the best of his personal collection of Amzighberber artefacts.  Such is its importance that Tiskiwin is now part of the Marrakech  University Cadi Ayyad. The unassuming Mr Flint is still regularly present though it would be easy to miss him.

The collection is displayed as a journey along ancient Saharan trade routes from Marrakech to Timbuktu and back. On arrival visitors are offered the loan of comprehensive guide sheets which are available in several languages.  Visitors are directed first up the staircase of a Marrakech Riad (our boutique hotels are restorations of similar traditional courtyard homes).  The route leads round the first floor then down into the ground floor rooms and garden courtyard.

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There are stunning displays of berber tents, art, carpets, fabrics, basketwork and the minutiae of every day life.  The ancient jewellery and personal adornment are particularly interesting.